Lenormand-Solitaire. An Imaginative 2-Deck Oracle Card Set - An Unusual Addition to the Tarot Card Universe

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The Lenormand-Solitaire Set is the physical realization of a marvelous idea: the derivation of a unique Solitaire deck from the images of a traditional Lenormand card set, and the unlocking of the novel possibilities for readings residing in the particular combination.

What Does the Lenormand-Solitaire Set Contains:

- A 36-card Lenormand Deck featuring very beautiful illustrations of
original paintings

- An 18-card Solitaire Deck whose images are derived from its counterpart
in the set
- A Booklet with reading scenarios for practice purposes
- A specially designed box

What Makes our Lenormand-Solitaire Set Unique

This wonderful oracle set is no less exceptional in its attention to detail and the beauty of its illustrations than the most celebrated tarot card decks and oracle decks internationally. We strive passionately for artistry and quality, and we are particularly proud of the amazing illustrations of this deck.