Tarot of Japanese Poetry - A Spiritual Journey into the Mesmerizing Beauty of Japanese Poetry

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What is Haiku? Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry that became popular in Japan in the Tokugawa period (1600-1868). It is simple enough to be taught to children, yet sophisticated enough to appeal to the literary minds of master poets, courtesans, monks, empresses, and emperors.

Its parsimony in words, combined with the depth of its meaning offers inspiring opportunities for utilization in the tarot universe. Based on artifacts of this mesmerizing poetic genre, we have created a tarot deck of 88 cards whereby every single Haiku poem corresponds to a beautifully crafted painting/card.

A unique element of the Tarot of Japanese Poetry is found in the structure and content of the Minor Arcana, which does not follow the stereotypical four-suit classification. Emphasis is placed on the notion of seasons since they figure so dynamically and poetically in Japanese culture, literature, and art. Accordingly, the four suits are organized around the idea of the four seasons, each of which is introduced by an extra card titled Day Before, i.e., Day Before Winter, Day Before Autumn, etc.