Agni ROERICH Tarot. A Spiritual Tarot Deck. Set of 78 Cards Based on Paintings by N. Roerich. A Unique Tarot Cards Deck

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This exceptional tarot cards deck includes 78 powerful images selected from a series of paintings created by the internationally renowned Russian painter Nicholas (Nicholai) Roerich. Each card depicts images from an original painting. This is unique as not many tarot card decks include illustrations of works by such eminent painters

The present tarot card set is a rendition of the celebrated 2016 English edition. It is a result of a different printing approach which preserves more the clarity of the original paintings. Agni ROERICH comes in a beautiful blue paper box and includes an instruction booklet in English with information about each card's meaning 

This is one of only a few tarot decks sets that combine the traditional meaning of tarot with Eastern Philosophy and the esoteric. Each image will unlock your imagination and potential

Appropriate for all - Suitable for tarot card beginners as well as those that are well versed on tarot card reading. The AGNI Roerich Tarot is a traditional tarot cards deck, as it follows the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition. It provides a smooth introduction to tarot symbolism and meaning, and at the same time, its compelling images offer remarkable heights of insight to more experienced tarot readers.

Dimensions (cm) - Cards: 11.9 x 6.5 // Box: 12.1 x 6.8 x 3